Warmachine and Hordes: Trollbloods in a nutshell

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Welcome to my first post. I hope that my personal insight will help improve your understanding of this bluest faction. Please remember that this is a personal opinion.
I hope you will enjoy the reading!

Trollbloods the underdog with character

This faction is one of toughest. Not only because of this common skill but the game approach. Trolls are less popular choice than most of the factions. They have small tournament impact and small amount of tutorials that will help new trollbloods players to getting on a level that they can compete on local tournament or master level event.

Pros and cons of Trollblood

Strike hard – STR

Ok, trolls beat hard. Really hard. Like really, really hard.
We got easy access to rage. With stone and rage even pillow fighters with 12 P+S hit with 16 P+S. So standard 16 P+S heavy hit with 20 P+S. And the big ones have 23 P+S with buff.

Blue missiles – Speed

There are some analysis that say trolls are slow and defensive faction. Well this is half-true. First of all trolls are buff faction. Base SPD’s are average/poor but trolls have much more than just +2ARM.

  • We have easy access to rush for beasts.
  • eDoomies and Borkas feat.
  • pGrimms gun.
  • Hunters mark on caster and minion solo.
  • Stone attachment for northkin.
  • Elemental communion on earthborn.

Base threat ranges on heavy hitters are poor but there are some fast units that can go as first wave. Stacking speed buffs can easily take maulers standard 9″ TH to 11″ with Rush and 14″ with eDoomy feat -without any dice roll.

Troll accuracy – MAT

Non character warbeasts posses standard MAT 6 what puts them on average level. As always we have many tools that will help improve or avoid hitting targets.
Infantry has rather good MAT and still we can buff it up.

Crossing the red line – Fury

Trolls have good fury stat. This in most cases will turn in to additional attacks or attack boost.
The real problem is fury management. We have whelps. Oww! And serenity in one theme force. Most of our casters are around 6 FURY. So there will be overheat and a hope whelps will save the day (if they live).

We are back again – tough and steady

Ok, Privateer Press said that old tough is bad because you can pass tough several times in a row. A year later we have many steady + tough mechanisms in the meta which can mess every calculation.
In troll this skill is not only very common but many troops have high DEF or ARM so it can me very annoying to re-kill a stone, caster on a simple infantry to block chargelanes.

Bi-polar casters – FURY or DEF and ARM

Ok in one hand we have high FURY casters with terrible defensive stats. On the other hand we have casters with good defensive stats and with FURY not always is bigger than 5.
There are some in-the-middle casters but they are in the minority.

Money, money, money – Miniature costs

Trolls have many expensive models. Backbone of warbeasts or infantry list are not the same. Your basic infantry models are on medium base. So be ready for some extra costs while choosing this army.

Lets sum it up!

Trolls are great faction which will bring much fun everyone who enjoys exchanging blows. Your guys will hit hard and try to resist retaliations. Trolls have many beast or infantry heavy lists. Trolls have very tricky shooting lists.
Playing troll on high tournament level is unpopular which makes preparing competitive list more complex. Many people use tournament lists as inspiration or upgrades lists base on community experience. You need to base on your gut and play style.
Personally, I think trolls are underrated faction. They have direct approach to the game. They beat stuff until it dies. Simple. We have good speed, P+S and defensive mechanisms. Shooting is rather weak.

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