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In this series I will show lists and analyse them from few angles. This post will explain key words which will be used in this series. Lets begin!


In this place I will rate my experience with the list. This is a clue factor in some cases. Theoretical knowledge is worth less than many games with a list.
Theoretical – this means I didn’t play a single game with this list or with it main elements.
Experimental – I didn’t play the list but I got some experience with main pieces.
Raw – I played some games with this or similar list but I do not feel comfortable with them.
Polished – I played many games and I know most of the pros and cons of the list.
Core – One of my core used lists.

The edge

Ok now we heave the biggest advantage of the list. This will determine the play style and give general idea what should we achieve with the list.
Types of biggest advantages:
Spamok spam is a type of list where we put lots of same or similar models. This play style is based on bringing a lot of models or hit points in so even if your opponent will have some answers to your spam it will be simply not enough.
Alpha strikethis type of list bases on capability making the first blow. High threat ranges or some other mechanisms that make first strike as painful as it can be. After that you just hope that the opponent will be not able to make good enough retaliation.
Casterkillok easy. The list exist to hunt for the opponent caster. What is interesting even if you play this type of list sometimes you do not need to blindly go for the kill. Possibility of high range caster kill may force your opponent to playing suboptimal and on this line of play you may build your advantage.
Brickdefensive stats help to survive alpha or retaliation. High DEF or/and ARM are not all defensive mechanisms. We also have recursion mechanisms (resurrecting) and movement shenanigans. Everything that will raise survivability and will help in attrition game.
Control – controlling your opponent may be the clue factor for easy scenario win or working big attrition advantege. We can debuff enemies or even deny movement or attacks.
Gunline – shooting has many benefits. Good gunline beside good fire power has mechanisms which can negate or bypass defensive shooting mechanisms.

Body count

This is important parameter will indirectly determine how many attacks will be needed to slay all list models. Number of models will inlude summonings, recursion or changing models.

Hit point count

This is second parameter that will determine how hard it will be for opponent to remove all your models.

Key mechanisms

List of key mechanism used by the list ( not all but most important).

Defensive mechanisms

List of defensive mechanisms for shooting, magic or melee.

Melee attack count ( standard + max buy)

This stat does not include caster bought attacks in nonCOC warmachine lists. Of course this stats shows atacks which can be make by all models in one turn).

Range and magic count ( standard + reloads, additional spells)

The last 2 stats are important to determine capability of clearing spam lists.

Max threat range melee

Max range between your and opponent model that can be „crossed” and ended with melee attacks during the same turn.

Max threat range shooting/magic

Max range of between your and opponent models that can be „crossed” and ended with range or magic attack. Deviations and AOE clips does not count.

Max Pow or P+S and number of those attacks

This stat is important for armor cracking purposes. Buffs and debuffs counted. Debuffs are counted as buffs for this stat. For example if we heave P+S 17 model and access to parasite we will have 20 P+S in this stat.

Number of flag scorers
Number of circle scorers
Number of rectangle scorers

Stats that will determine how easy is to score on each scenario element. Caster not included.

Max MAT/RAT/Cast

Stats giving wide perspective of the list. Buffs and debuffs included. Debuffs are counted as buffs. For example if we have MAT 7 model and access to blind we will have MAT 11 in this stat.
Fury management / focus manipulation ( single points + complete fury clear)
Number of fury points which may be removed. The second number is complete fury clear.

Roles in the list

Ok we have of a lot of stats but know we need to know the roles of the models in our list. Some models may have few roles or other role in early game and other in late game.
If mauler is used in the list as support at the start of the game and as a beatstick in the lategame he will be marked Support => Beatstick.
Beatstick – we use those models to beat stuff until they die. So high damage output is nice.
Jammer – this guys (or ladies) buys us time to get to better position. They need to engage enemy and block theire movement. Those model must heave good survability or low point cost.
Support – any model which is prime role will be buffing (or debuffing) will be marked as supports. This rather don’t engage opponents. They will rather focus for trying to stay alive.
Sniper – those models are for eliminating vital models (not only by shooting). They have high accuracy and high treath ranges.
Crowd control – these models can manipulate opponents activations, positions or other matters that may inflict scenario or movement plays. Sometimes models do not need special abilities and slam or head but is enough.
Unjammer – if you were jammed don’t panic! These models will help you cleaning pesky opponent models. They have special abilities to unjammed your models. Sometimes in is just a spray. Sometime it is indirect attack or blackpenny shots.
Tech – tech models have many roles. But they are put to the list to fill some special role and additionaly make some matchups better.
Guardian – those models are responsible for keeping vital models safe. Shieldguards, counterslams and many many more abilities will be good for this role.

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