Piece of Cake – The start of trollblood army

Piece of Cake will be series for those who want to start playing Warmachine & Hordes as a proud member of trollblood family. I will try to find balance between beginners and people who are familiar with the game.
I hope you will enjoy it!

„What should I buy as a start?”

The honest answer is: „It will depend on your chosen play style”
It is honest but not very helpful. If you are a fresh blood not only in trollbloods but in wargaming in general I recommend proxying your models (playing game without exact models) and testing out the faction. A great tool is a vassal program which helps you play without models via PC.
Vassal: http://www.vassalengine.org/
WM&H module: http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Warmachine
Every faction should have something that makes your opponents feel like it’s just unfair. Trollbloods are not different.

Universal picks

Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes

Stone is an essential unit which not only will bust survivability of our models (by boosting our ARM by +2) but also bring some additional tools and buffs.
This unit should Always come with Unit Attachment (UA). The more popular UA is Stone Scribe Elder . He gives additionally to protecting aura one of following abilities:

  • +1 STR for Friendly faction (FF) models – always auto pick if you are going to fight in melee this turn and you are not afraid of continuous effects and do not need to bypass incorporeal or stealth.
  • Protection from continuous effects – if you are a fresh blood you need to remember this ability some armies have a lot continuous effects. This ability may negate even some feats. It is a good habit to choose this effect if you will not have any benefits from the other two. This effect is also restricted to FF models.
  • Bypassing stealth or incorp is a great tool. This tech forces stone to more aggressive position but it is worth it.

Alternative UA Northkin Elder is more tricky because the additional effects are only for northkin models. So we need more specific list. But buffs are quite good:

  • +2 STR for warrior northkin models makes champs hit really, really hard.
  • +1 SPD for all northkins is great and will speed our units and beasts.
  • +2 cold damage decent buff which in right list will bring a lot of pain to our.opponents.

Main task for our stone is protecting our beasts and caster. Even playing infantry heavy list we need to shield them because they will be the core of our army.
Stone is essential and we never want to drop it from our lists. The only exception will be Madrak, Great Chieftan who has the same mechanics as the stone. Remember that protecting aura do not stack.

Dire Troll Mauler

Mauler has a great animus which is a key to high P+S in our faction. On top of that he is a great fighting piece which van being a lot of pain to your opponent. He can on his own deliver 7 blows and one throw or head-butt. He is a multipart with bomber which makes this a really Smart buy.

Dire Troll Bomber

Bomber has solid 16 POW with AoE 4. Fury stat lets us for 2 boosts, animus cast and reload. Which makes him an infantry killer. Whit a knockdown mechanism we have boosted 16 POW hits which is enough to bring some pain even to a heavy. The down site is range which is 8″ (12″ with far strike).
Bomber is a good pick if caster has a solid range attack which will benefit from far strike.
This beast can find its place in almost all theme forces.

Troll Axer

Next animusholder  with infantry clearing mechanism. Rush is essential in threat range wars. What is more we gain easy access to pathfinder. Axer is also 14 P+S beast with thresher. 17 ARM makes him more resilient than most of our light beasts.


Our attachment after CID is a beast. Not only he has spell slave ( cast of non upkeep / range ctr/ less than 4 fury spell) he has also arcane repeater which extends our control range by 2″. The last ability is reducing the cost of next spell by 1. We need to choose if we want to reduce cost or cast chosen spell. This makes him more flexible because not always spell slaves are good with some spell lists.

Power of Dhunia picks

Troll Whelps

These little buggers will be our fury management. Charge blockers or healing tools. They also come free of cost in most cases.

Janissa Stonetide

Toolbox solo which can place elevation for shooting roosters or push enemy models without any rolls. What is more for PoD theme she boost our runeshapers. She also hits with armor-piercing.

Dhunian Knot

Knots are important piece which will help us with hitting or making serious damage thank to puppet master. They are also important healing mechanism and can help fury reduction in shooting roosters.

Band of Heroes picks

Fell Caller Hero

Next toolbox with good hitting power and range spray. Without action we can give warrior model/unit pathfinder or +2 MAT. Additional he can raise knock down warrior models in his command with this ability.

Trollkin Champions

Champs are great hitting power and resilient piece. They are core of your hitting power in these theme force.

Trollkin Fennblades

Good tarpit unit with good infantry clearing skill. They are first wave which will keep opponent busy while heavy hitters will take good position.

Trollkin Long Riders

Rides have good heating power, speed and resilient. The catch is in their point cost. But still they are a unit which can make a lot of work no matter what your opponent will bring.

Storm of the North

Trollkin Champions

As above.

Trollkin Long Riders

As above.

Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North

Good pick for free points and solid hitter.

Northkin Bear Handlers & Battle Bears

Being ambushed by 2 bears is not very pleasant. Our strike team can threat 14″ without any boosts to speed.

Northkin Raiders

Higher def, advance deployment and good speed makes them a good tarpid.

Kriel Company picks

This tier is unknown ground for now. Trolls even shooting not always choose this tier. I didn’t play a single game this theme but I will try to predict.

Fell Caller Hero

He is good model for every infantry lists and a good free model.

Thumper Crew / Pummeler Crew

This is a next nice free pickup. One helps with clearing warrior models. The second is a knock down mechanism which may help shooting lists with their accuracy.

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