Piece of Cake: How to take a beating?

Hi guys!
Today I would like to write a few words about loosing. Nobody likes to lose but this is an integral part od this game. Even the best players cannot show you 100% win ratio. The trick is to use your lost games as a teaching experience and still have fun with the game!

The right approach.

The worst you can make with a lost game is taking it personal! (Trust me I have been there) It ruins all the fun and takes motivation for new games away. Winning doesn’t solve problems. We are playing for fun. When you are not enjoying the game no matter the outcome something is not right.

Be a little bit sceptic…

It is true that sometimes dices are not in our favor. But we cannot blame them for our defeats. Every game could be player better so thinking that game was lost because we roll bad once (or multiple times) is a very bad habit. We need to analyse our game and ask ourselves what could be done better.

… but not too much.

Analyse the odds. If you failed 95% assassination don’t be to hard on yourself. Just think if that had to be all-in move. Maybe next time it the better placement will save you. Everyone is still learing and improving so making mistakes is a part of this process. So just go to the next game.

Do not get used to it.

Warmachine and Hordes is a random game. The outcome is never determined. You need to be patient and open to new tactics and approaches. You should never start a game with state of mind: ” I will lose for 100%.” This is bad for your gameplay and its taking all the fun. This game often shocks and many underdogs won games they should not. Be focus and search for any good or orignal line of play.
Every pro had his/hers ups and downs. The trick is to have fun from each game. This starts a great passion and drives you to next games. With the right attitude you will become better player and this will improve your win ratio.
Good luck and have fun!

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