Oblivion theme forces first look: Power of Dhunia

Oblivion is upon us. Trollbloods themes didn’t change much. But the impact of requisition system will be huge.
Now we do not need to go all in for specific unit/model to get free cards so we can make a mix arms and have some beasts even in old warrior themes.

Beasts are hungry for some table top time. But to be fair I am afraid that for now we won’t see them as often as we would like to at least not in these theme force. The new tier didn’t change much for them. We got a nice addition of free dunia khots which have nice point value. But do we need 6 or 9 puppet masters? One unit is more than enough to puppet master all most key beasts or caster. They are more useful for shooting armies because they do not need to run after charging beasts to use serenity.
The big problem of PoD is a fact that beasts do not get much buffs from theme force. We only get knots as support and free upkeeps which are nice. So the question is do  we prefer free upkeeps on the start of the game and puppet masters or we prefer free upkeeps during the game and bears.
Who doesn’t love bears right?
I am afraid that if we want to play beast heavy it is a better choice to go with Storm of the North. The only scenario where we will see PoD will be mulg lists and beast heavy shooting variants.
For stone shaper point reduction is a step in the right direction but we get 8 point unit with total 15 hp and base ARM 15. For those points we can choose basher who is more durable. Hits with the same power and has more buff from caster or other beasts. So runeshapers will not be spammable 🙁 They may be chosen for their short range out knock down.  But for now they will be not a backbone of any list.

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