Oblivion theme forces first look: Scourge of the Broken Coast

One of the big winners with oblivion theme changes is Cryx.
Every four themes are playable and merges of Satyxis with other living pirates and Jack meeting thralls will provide us with a lot of options.
Scourge didn’t lose ambush for witches. So we still poses a model with dark shroud in ambush.
The Slaughter fleet brought to the table gang fighter for jacks. So satyxis which had problem with high armor now can be supported with buffed jacks or even other heavy hitting infantry. On the other hand the slow fleet now can be mixed with faster counterparts and agile jacks.
Don’t forget that raiders have 2″ melee and 7 SPD so sharing gang fighter for jacks never was so easy 🙂
Skarre 1 loves SotBC. We can easily get high power blows with extra atack die.
Stalkers can go to town with extra power:
Feat +5 Strength
Gang from fast satyxis models +2 Mat and +2 Dmg
Dark shroud from Witch -2 Arm
That gives 9 MAT 3 dice atack with effective 21 P+S.
If we have a good timing and we can hit with infantry and jack in the same time we should have a huge attrition swing.
The only downside for Skarre is a lack of skarlock thrall for free cast of sacrifice.
This is a very universal tier with a lot of hitting power, but even with blighted trollbloods there will be no brick style lists.

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